Five Year Hardy Plant Guarantee

We are so sure of the quality of our hardy plants* that we guarantee them for 5 years!

We are proud to offer a 5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee on all our trees, shrubs, conifers and climbers sold by us.

Should any plant bought from our Garden Centres fail to grow after purchase, please return the plant, along with your receipt and variety label to either of our centres and we will replace it with the same or similar plant.

We will endeavour to inspect (if it cannot be brought to one of our centres) and replace any plant material giving cause for concern, providing that it has been planted, watered and generally cared for as per our recommendations.



Care & Support

Step One

Choose the right plant for the right site(check the label or ask a member of our team if you are not sure.  When you get the plant home, water it well whilst still in its pot.

Step Two

Mark the chosen position and dig a hole deep enough to take the root ball comfortably.  Put a mixture of compost, soil and bone meal in the bottom on the hole.

Step Three

Carefully ease the plant out of its container and gently loosen some of the roots from the base.  Put the plant in the hole and fill the space round it with compost and soil mixture, making sure the plant sits firmly in the planting hole.  If a stake is needed it can be placed in the hole with the plant at this stage to avoid damaging the roots by pushing it into place after planting.  Trees should be staked and tied firmly right from the start and checked on at regular intervals to make sure they haven’t become loose.

Step Four

The compost round the new plant should be level with the surrounding ground, but leave a slight depression around the stem to act as a water reservoir when you water.  Cover the new planting with a mulch such as chipped bark and water well.

Step Five

Make sure your plant doesn’t dry out in its first year, not only in dry sunny period, but in dry windy weather as well and even check it regularly during a rainy spell.  A thick layer of mulch will help retain the moisture as your plant is growing and even when it is fully grown.  Whilst regular watering is important too much water can be equally harmful.  So check your plants don’t get waterlogged in periods of heavy persistent rain.


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