Clearing up the garden for spring

It’s time to start clearing up the garden ready for spring, so get your gloves ready, and let’s prepare for spring's beauty! Springtime is a busy time of year for gardeners as plants wake up, bulbs bring the colour, and birdsong fills the air, so getting on top of the jobs you need to do before you start seed sowing and planting is a good idea. No matter what time of year it is, there are always jobs for gardeners and here are the top 7 you can do to prepare for spring. 

How to clean your garden for spring

  1. Tidy garden borders 

Take a look at your garden borders and what needs to be cleared out. Remove fallen leaves, twigs, branches, and anything else to make space for plants to grow. 

  1. Clean your vegetable beds

If you are growing vegetables in beds, borders or pots and containers, tidying them out and removing any weeds is a good idea. Then they can be freshly mulched and ready for the growing season ahead. 

  1. Clear the weeds

Weeds that may have grown through the winter and some that have popped up as the weather warms up will need removing to make way for growth in the months ahead. Removing weeds not just from garden beds and containers but also on pathways and patios, around drains, and anywhere else they can be seen. 

  1. Remove any unwanted plants 

If you left your perennials for structure and seed heads over the winter months, many could now be cut back to the base, especially as you see new growth appearing from the ground. It’s almost like magic as they come back to life. Put your pruning materials in your compost bins. 

  1. Clean bird feeders and baths

It’s essential always to keep bird feeders and baths clean. Still, especially after a long winter, they may need a particularly good scrub, and any that need repairing or replacing can be done now before feeding steps up for nesting in spring. 

  1. Clean the greenhouse

If you haven’t already had a chance to clean out your greenhouse, or perhaps you’ve been overwintering some plants, before you start filling your seed trays with compost and sowing seeds, make sure the greenhouse has been thoroughly cleaned out to remove any leftover pests and prevent diseases. 

  1. Scrub pots and trays 

From growing throughout the year in them to storing all of your pots, trays and containers over winter, it’s a good idea to scrub them all clean so you are ready to fill them with compost and plants for the spring bonanza. 

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