New year's garden trends for 2023

Wondering what the new year's garden trends will be? We've put together our top garden trends report for the coming year. It will be a big year for horticulture as more and more people discover the joy of gardening for good health and well-being. Here's what's hot for 2023.

  1. Houseplants 
  2. Sustainability
  3. Plants for well-being
  4. Big impact in small spaces
  5. Growing your own food
  6. Gifting and sharing 

1. Houseplants top the new years garden trends report 

From tiny plants for small spaces, including terrariums to cacti, plant lovers will be looking at filling every space possible with plants, and that's indoors as well as outdoors.

2. Sustainability will be a top requirement in new years garden trends 

From peat-free growing media to where plants are sourced, what pots they are growing in, if they are suitable for pollinators, and their longevity - all aspects of sustainable growth will be a hot topic for the year 2023. Working towards more biodiverse gardens means gardeners will work towards a much more sustainable way of gardening. 

3. New year garden trends include plants for well-being

It's not about what plants look like, but it will be how they make gardeners feel. It's a personal choice, but looking very much at the sensory experience a garden can bring, opting for more fragrant, textured and edible plants will be high on the list. As people become more immersed in the natural world, a desire to create gardens that stir all the senses for positive well-being will be a big trend.

4. Big impact in small spaces is one of the new year garden trends 

With so many more people interested in gardening but not all with big gardens, small spaces will be filled to the max. Gardeners will be looking for big plants that grow well in urban environments, balconies and patios that can be grown in many different conditions. Trees in containers and big shrubs will be popular. Bringing the outdoors in will also be high on the agenda with indoor trees or big plants too. 

5. New year garden trends include growing your own food 

Cutting costs and helping well-being means that while growing your own at home has been a big thing for a very long time, more people will want to grow their own in small spaces. Watch out for new and exciting gardening products that will help everyone, no matter what size garden they have, to grow their own food. 

6. Gifting and sharing is one of our new year garden trends to enjoy 

With money saving on many people's minds, gardeners will be looking at sharing produce, cuttings, plants, seeds and knowledge to help each other. Gardeners love sharing and will be swapping what they have grown with other gardeners to make the best of everything and reduce waste. Growing cut flowers and food will be done with gifting in mind to save money on buying gifts as well.

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